Bad accident in the year 200

Bad accident in the year 200

The actual value can differ in retrospect. Amazon also accepts broken devices. The company then recycles such products, writes Amazon. All other devices are offered in the Amazon warehouse. Cult comedy show in the stream: Amazon Prime puts ‘Switch Reloaded’ on Amazon: Prime members can now play unlimited games Spam list for July: be careful with these phone numbers

For a functional and undamaged e-book reader from the Kindle Oasis brand of the ninth generation, for example, users receive a 65 euro Amazon voucher. A new device starts at 224 euros. However, if the item is defective, the offer drops to five euros. For all older models of the Fire TV Stick, however, users always receive 99 cents – regardless of the condition of the device.

Sources used: Amazon’s own research website with trade-in program

One of the Pirate Bay servers as an exhibit in the Stockholm Technical Museum. (Image: AP) The Pirate Bay is ready for a museum: Although the world’s largest file-sharing portal is still online and the verdict in the trial against the operator has not yet been pronounced, one of the site’s servers is already in the Technical Museum in Stockholm. The curators consider computers to be an important piece of technological history; file sharing was one of the technologies that would have influenced the lives of most people.

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The museum bought the server for 2000 crowns from the operators of Pirate Bay. That corresponds to about 182 euros. A real bargain, because the server was part of the system that has significantly contributed to one of the biggest changes in the media industry in many decades.

Pirate Bay trial continues

On April 17th, a verdict is expected against four of those responsible for the Internet exchange platform The Pirate Bay for infringement of copyright laws in Stockholm. Pirate Bay provides the technical means of downloading pirated copies of films, music and computer programs for free. The process is considered to be internationally groundbreaking. The public prosecutor’s office demands one year imprisonment for all of the accused. Co-plaintiffs are demanding ten million euros in damages. The defense pleads for acquittal.

Helsinki (dpa) – The euro jackpot is cracked, 90 million euros go to Bavaria – the highest amount that has ever been transferred to the Free State as a lottery win, as Lotto-Bayern confirmed on Saturday.
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It was the numbers 6-11-12-21-41 as well as the two euro numbers 1 and 2 that brought great luck at the drawing in Helsinki on Friday evening. Most recently, in February, a player from the Münsterland secured a profit of 90 million euros.

It is still unclear whether it is a single lucky winner or a syndicate in Bavaria. Because no one has yet reported, as Lotto-Bayern announced. For spokeswoman Verena Ober, that’s not unusual either: "Often times, the winners have to wait a few days and digest the level argumentative essay Such a win changes your whole life." This should also apply to two players each from Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. You can look forward to Eurojackpot prizes of more than 6 million euros each.

Starting Concorde in 2002 at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (Photo: dpa)

It will forever remain an aviation legend. Some named them "Thunderbird", others spoke of "flying pen" or even one "Queen of the skies". Forty years ago, on March 2, 1969, the Concorde supersonic aircraft took off from Toulouse, France, on its 29-minute maiden flight. A good month later, on April 9, the British prototype made its maiden flight. See the Concorde in our photo series.


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Concorde: Between fascination and air pollution

The Concorde was a bone of contention between worldviews from the start. For millions of people, the 62.10 meter long aircraft with its wingspan of only 25.55 meters and a top speed of 2405 kilometers per hour was pure fascinating technology. Millions dreamed of being able to fly a Concorde one day. Others saw the Concorde as a noisemaker and polluter. The fuel consumption on the Paris-New York route was 17 liters per 100 passenger kilometers. The giant Airbus A380, on the other hand, now flies in the range of three liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers. The Concorde was much too expensive for most airlines.

Photo series The A380 as a luxury version

Concorde with a relatively short range

America’s aircraft manufacturers were just as advanced as their French and British counterparts in the late 1960s. With them, economic thinking prevailed – even if, as was the case in the industry, every landing of a Concorde in New York caused the Boeing engineers a sore stitch in the heart area. One of the many bold projects in the early years was the first scheduled flight between Paris and Rio de Janeiro on January 21, 1976; a little later the Paris-Caracas route was started with a technical stop in Santa Maria. However, both services ceased on April 1, 1982. Often the relatively short range of the Concorde (6250 kilometers) played a role, which made time-consuming stopovers necessary on longer long journeys.

Concorde: airplane of stars and starlets

Although the regular and successful liner service was limited in the end to the connections from Paris and London to New York and Washington, the Franco-British supersonic jets became increasingly popular. There was hardly a statesman of importance who did not take the great opportunity to fly a Concorde. Stars and starlets were permanent guests, especially the Formula 1 drivers and tennis stars. Margaret Thatcher felt just as comfortable on board as Queen Elizabeth or Pope John Paul II, who flew with the French Concorde F-BTSC on May 2, 1989 from La Réunion to Lusaka in Zambia.

From Europe to New York in three and a half hours

The exuberance of euphoria also infected some communities. In 1985 the management of Hannover-Langenhagen Airport wrote to British Airways about the simulation games in the capital of Lower Saxony for an extension of the Concorde connection New York London to Hanover: "In our opinion, the airport for Hanover is best suited for this purpose in northern Germany." Most passengers were simply thrilled to be able to get on after sunset in Europe and get off before sunset in New York. Or: Anyone who left Europe between 10 and 11 a.m. arrived in New York in time for breakfast at 9 a.m. A flight from Europe to New York usually took around three and a half hours. Sometimes it went even faster. A flight time of less than three hours was achieved very rarely. That was 30 hours less than Charles Lindbergh took on his famous North Atlantic crossing in 1927.

Bad accident in 2000

The Concorde became a technical icon. It remains a legend despite the terrible crash on July 25, 2000 near Gonesse, not far from Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, which killed 113 people, mostly Germans. It is the beginning of the end of the Concorde era. It is true that Air France and British Airways invested millions more in converting their prestigious flagship, which is being re-certified. But Concorde’s comeback came at the wrong time: shortly after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001, the aviation industry was in crisis. Too few passengers want to pay a good 8,000 euros for the transatlantic flight. On October 24, 2003, the great Concorde chapter was finally closed. On the last British Airways Concorde flight to London, the "Thunderbird" escorted over the English Channel by an association of the British aerobatic team Red Arrows. Today, the remaining Concorde are distributed to renowned aviation museums around the world or they are the jewels of historical aviation sites. A Concorde stands in the German Auto and Technology Museum in Sinsheim next to a Soviet TU-144, the unsuccessful one "Concordski".


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"I would love to be a millionaire, then my account would never be empty" – Do you dream of the lottery jackpot? With us you will find all information about lottery 6 out of 49 – current winning numbers and odds for Wednesday and Saturday.

In the drawing last Saturday, October 17th, 2020, no lucky guy guessed the six correct plus super number. This Wednesday the sum in the lottery pot is therefore seven million euros. You can find out whether you are one of the winners here. 

By the way: from September 23, the lottery ticket became more expensive. Find out why the rules are changing here. 

Lotto 6aus49: Now take part in the upcoming drawing Eurojackpot from October 23, 2020: Ten million euros in the JackpotLotto on Saturday, October 17, 2020: Numbers of the last drawing Spiral of luck from October 17, 2020: 10,000 euros monthly immediate pension

The lottery numbers on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 

6aus49: 16-20-23-34-40-47

Super number: 6

Game 77: 0709433

Super 6: 084095

(Information provided without guarantee)What happens when the dream of the jackpot becomes a reality: This is what you should pay attention to. And how long do lottery players have to collect their winnings? The most important questions and answers about the winning period.

Winning odds

Lotto 6aus49 

Stake: € 26,335,989.60

ClassNumber of correct winsQuotas16 correct + SZ0 x vacant26 correct0 x vacant35 correct + SZ35 x14,096.40 € 45 correct273 x5,386.90 € 54 correct + SZ1,790 x227.90 € 64 correct 15,712 x61.50 € 73 correct + SZ35,827 x23.00 € 83 corrects310,000 x12.50 € 92 corrects + SZ284.138 x6.00 €

Game 77 oddsn

Stake: € 5,171,282.50

ClassNumber Correct WinsQuotaI7 correct final digits0 xunoccupiedII6 correct final digits2 x77,777.00 € III5 correct final digits17 x7,777.00 € IV4 correct final digits212 x777.00 € V3 correct final digits1,904 x77.00 € VI2 correct final digits20,125 x17.00 € VII1 correct final digits195 .111 x € 5.00

Super 6 odds

Stake: € 2,215,862.50

ClassNumber CorrectWinsQuotaI6 correct final digits3 x100,000.00 € II5 correct final digits13 x6,666.00 € III4 correct final digits155 x666.00 € IV3 correct final digits1,570 x66.00 € V2 correct final digits17,057 x6.00 € VI1 correct final digit184,335 x2 , 50 €

(Information provided without guarantee)

This is how the lottery works "6aus49"

Before the draw, the player fills out a ticket. Six of a total of 49 winning numbers are then ticked. After submitting the ticket, six balls are drawn from a pool of 49 numbered balls. The aim of the game is to match as many of the numbers as possible with the previously typed numbers. In order to crack the jackpot, you need six correct winning numbers as well as the correct super number. This is the last digit of the ticket number, i.e. a number between zero and nine. The super number will be awarded following the drawing "6aus49" drawn from a pool of ten numbers.

Depending on the correctly typed numbers or correct super number, there are a total of nine prize categories. To win, at least two numbers must be correctly typed and the super number must be correct.

Amount of profit

The amount of the prize depends on the prize class and the stake. The more numbers that are correct, the better the prize tier and the amount paid out. The sum of money that is distributed among the nine prize tiers corresponds to 50 percent of the stake. The amount won is highest when as many notes as possible are played and as few players as possible have guessed the correct numbers.

Odds of winning

According to, the chance of winning class 1, i.e. six correct numbers plus a super number, is around 1: 140 million. The winning probabilities of the individual classes have been made up as follows since September 23, 2020.

ClassNumber correctDistribution shareWinsChances 1 in16 correct + SZ15 percent1 x139,838.16026 correct15 percent9 x15,537,57335 correct + AV5.2 percent258 x542.00845 correct15.5 percent2,322 x60.22354 correct + DS4.3 percent13,545 x10.3241264 correct. 905 x1.14773 correct + SZ8.7 percent246,820 x56783 correct41.1 percent2,221,380 x6392 correct + SZfixed amount1,851,150 x76

The percentages for prize classes 2 to 8 refer to the remaining profit distribution after deduction of the fixed prize amount in class 9 and the allocation to prize class 1.

Cost of participation

On a lottery ticket there are boxes with 49 numbers to be crossed. Each field that is filled in is a so-called tip and costs 1.20 euros. The participation costs are therefore not based on the number of tickets, but on the number of tips. There is also a processing fee for each ticket.

Besides lotto "6aus49" you can also take part in the additional lotteries Spiel 77, Super 6 and the GlücksSpirale. For the game 77 you pay an additional 2.50 euros, the Super 6 costs 1.25 euros. You can take part in the Glücksspirale for an amount of 5.00 euros.

Forced payout of the jackpot

Since September 23, 2020, the following applies to the compulsory distribution: If the sum in the jackpot exceeds 45 million euros, there is a guaranteed distribution. If a player guesses six correct numbers plus the super number, the jackpot amount is played out as usual.